Providing Today’s Solutions with Tomorrow’s Technology

AJ Rhem & Associates (AJRA) is a privately-owned Information Systems Consulting and Training firm based in Chicago, Illinois, which provides technology solutions to complex client needs. Through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and software, practices and procedures, AJRA develops innovative systems that are individualized for each client.

Our Services

AJRA specializes in Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, and System Integration. We can implement any required tech strategy, digital transformation, AI training, or research. We assess the needs of your company and we apply our structured and iterative approach to address your need. Our core consulting team brings an average of 20 years of experience and being a smaller firm, we have the advantage of servicing you with our top-level staff.



AJRA Consulting specializes in enabling technology for our clients. The experts in this area work with our customers to design custom solutions that meet their needs.


A.J. Rhem & Associates Research is concentrated on discovering new and innovative ways in which to use technology. Thinking outside the box is what we do best.

Training: Information Architecture

Training plays an essential part in the success of any company. When it comes to specific high-end technology training, AJRA is second to none.

About Us

A. J. Rhem & Associates (AJRA) incorporated in 1990 as a response to bring value-added computer and information technology services to the commercial and government marketplaces. 

KM Mentoring

Knowledge Management in Practice provides specific KM methods, tips, techniques, and best practices to gain competitive advantage and the most from investing in KM.

It examines how KM is leveraged by first responders, the military, healthcare providers, insurance and financial services companies, legal firms, human resources departments, merger and acquisition (M&A) firms, and research institutions.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Communication network.

Virtual Courses

A.J. Rhem & Associates and Knowledge Management Institute to deliver virtual Information Architecture class.

Your chance to attend the acclaimed KMI Information Architecture class online

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