AI Ethics in delivering HealthCare Analytics
AI Ethics in Delivering Healthcare Analytics

Posted by tony

May 27, 2022

In a recent Medhealth Outlook article, AI Ethics in Delivering Healthcare Analytics, Dr. Anthony J. Rhem gives valuable insight highlighting the numerous benefits of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the healthcare industry. In this thought-provoking article, Dr. Rhem covers important topics such as ethics, a people-centered AI approach, and healthcare analytics in general.

When discussing ethics, Dr. Rhem notes that any bias that is included in the incorporation of AI and healthcare can lead to “catastrophic consequences”, just as any cognitive bias would (such as misdiagnosis based on race, gender, sexuality, etc). He then describes how to combat this bias in AI. In regards to a people-centered approach, Dr. Rhem emphasizes the idea of “improving the human condition”. In short, the technology is developed to serve people – not the other way around. AI applications must be safe and built on human-centered values.

Medhealth Outlook is a leading independent media house that boasts a plethora of technology-related articles which showcase the ever-changing healthcare, medical, and pharma industries. The publication serves to both present and promote extensive thinking, community, and the dismantling of old practices.

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