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A.J. Rhem & Associates featured in CIOReview

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August 22, 2022

Leading technology magazine, CIOReview, recently published an article titling A.J. Rhem and Associates the “Most Promising Knowledge Management Solutions Provider of 2022”.

The article showcases the vital role that A.J. Rhem and Associates plays in the integration of knowledge management and the business model. The article also highlights many of the firm’s specialties, including knowledge management, artificial intelligence, and the combination of the two (knowledge-as-a-service, or KaaS).

As described in the article, AJRA uses tools such as predictive analytics and a personalized approach to efficiently design a solution to a business’s needs. This way, data can be used to inform decisions and provide solutions to problems that have yet to arise. Dr. Anthony J. Rhem explains, “We bring information architecture and knowledge governance to help our clients make decisions and maintain relevant content flow within their organization”.

CIOReview is a leading technology magazine at the forefront of providing trustworthy knowledge to decision-makers in any business or organization. The magazine covers topics such as data, security, artificial intelligence, and knowledge management.

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Dr. A. J. Rhem featured in Department of Defense Cybersecurity and Information Systems Digest

Dr. Anthony J. Rhem was featured in the Cybersecurity and Information Systems Digest’s November 1st newsletter as a Voice from the Community. This notable mention highlights a variety of Dr. Rhem’s achievements including his upcoming book, Essential Topics in Information Architecture, which will be available on Amazon in December, 2022.

The Cybersecurity and Information Systems Information Analysis Center (CSIAC) is a component of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Information Analysis Center. In providing important information research and analysis specific to cybersecurity, the center aims to enhance research collaboration within the field.

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