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Dr. Anthony J. Rhem Co-Hosts Knowledge Management Institute’s Webinar on Top 5 Knowledge Management Technologies

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August 9, 2021

On August 4th, 2021 Dr. Anthony J. Rhem co-hosted the Top 5 Knowledge Management webinar along with John Hovell, CEO or STRATactical, LLC as a part of Knowledge Management Institute’s Webinar Series.

In the webinar, Dr. Rhem and John Hovell compare their individual Top 5 lists. Discussing the effectiveness of different softwares, platforms, and concepts, they explain how each tool can be utilized to be more effective when working in Knowledge Management. The two experts provide tools that can be utilized by individuals, teams, and organizations. The webinar ends with a group discussion covering a variety of concepts regarding Knowledge Management including career advancement and other learning resources.  

The Knowledge Management Institute is the global leader in Knowledge Management certification and training. With a growing membership of over 12,000 KM professionals, the institute is dedicated to researching, defining, publishing and sharing KM knowledge in a variety of formats truly suited to learner needs. Dr. Rhem is a Certified Knowledge Specialist at KMI, specializing in Information Architecture and ECM.

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