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Dr. Anthony J Rhem joins the Noonean Advisory Board

Posted by tony

February 28, 2021

Austin, Texas: In February 2021, Dr. Anthony Rhem was appointed to the Advisory Board of Noonean, Inc.

Noonean, based in Austin Texas, is an advanced AI research company that develops highly performant and precise enterprise cognitive search based on natural language processing and deep learning. Noonean focuses on developing more human language systems. Their current products use advanced NLP technology to create a better search experience, with more precision, that takes you directly to the answer. 

Noonean’s Ontology Builder helps you improve the relevancy of the top 50% of common searches your users perform (the rest are handled by natural language processing). Noonean’s EnterpriseNLP engine provides the best solution for enterprise search using advanced language AI.

“In appointing Dr. Anthony Rhem to our advisory board we strongly believe that Dr. Rhem will be a tremendous asset to our organization and welcome his experience and insight,” said Gianna Giavelli, President.

“After reviewing the technology and understanding the direction Noonean is taking, the company represents the leading edge of innovation in NLP and Cognitive computing!” Dr. Anthony Rhem

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