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Dr. Anthony J. Rhem to kick off KM Roundtable series

Posted by tony

October 11, 2016

KM Chicago is kicking off their KM Roundtable series  on October 20, 2016, with a discussion of current KM issues hosted by Dr. Anthony J. Rhem.

Dr. Rhem will discuss current KM issues from his latest book, Knowledge Management in Practice. The book examines practical KM applications across many industries.

Tony will kick off the series by discussing relevant KM practices that all industries share, and highlight industries where some methods trump others. Tony will showcase KM tools that that are common to most, if not all industries, and explain how the underlying theory remains intact from one profession to another. He will storybook how successful practitioners and consultants have found ways to translate theory into practice for each particular industry.

Dr. Rhem will serve as moderator for each industry focus roundtable event in the series. Each event will feature a KM specialist from the featured industry of that session.

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