Dr A J Rhem at KM World 2023
Ethical AI in Business: Key Takeaways from KMWorld 2023

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December 11, 2023

The recent KMWorld 2023 conference featured an important session led by AJRA CEO, Anthony J. Rhem, focusing on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and ethics in the business environment. This session, titled “AI & Ethics for the Enterprise,” highlighted the increasing relevance of ethical considerations as AI technologies become more integral to business operations. 

At the core of the discussion was the concept of trust in AI. The growth of AI in business, from data analysis to customer service, has been significant. However, without trust, AI’s potential is significantly diminished, as decisions made by AI could pose ethical and moral challenges. Rhem emphasized the importance of developing responsible and trustworthy AI systems.

Rhem defined AI ethics as a set of moral principles and techniques guiding the responsible use of AI. He stressed that ethical AI should be trustworthy, accountable, unbiased, respectful of privacy, and rigorously tested for safety. Additionally, it should consider the impact on workers displaced by automation and align with societal values.

The implementation of ethical AI begins with data. Rhem advised starting with a clear user need, being aware of legal requirements, using data proportionate to the need, understanding data limitations, and adhering to robust data standards. Transparency and accountability in data usage are also crucial.

Rhem also recommended examining existing AI policies and standards, advocating for diverse AI development teams, and using varied, unbiased data. He reminded the audience that deploying AI tools is not the end of the process; continuous monitoring and management are essential to ensure they function as intended.

KMWorld 2023, held at the J.W. Marriott in Washington D.C., was part of a series of co-located conferences, including Enterprise Search & Discovery, Enterprise AI World, Taxonomy Boot Camp, and Text Analytics Forum. These events collectively offer valuable insights into the current and future state of AI in business, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in this rapidly evolving field.

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