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Free KMI Webinar on AI Ethics

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October 22, 2020

Join us online on November 16 at 10 am ET for this webinar on AI Ethics and its Impact on Knowledge Management, featuring Dr. Tony Rhem, CEO of AJ Rhem & Associates, Author, and Instructor; and KMI’s Instructor for Information Architecture Certification.

The focus of knowledge management (KM) is to enable people and organizations to collaborate, share, create, and use knowledge. Understanding this KM is leveraged to improve performance, increase innovation, and grow the knowledge base of both people and the organization. Knowledge must be Dynamic, Accurate, and Personal to be applied in the decision-making process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) through machine learning allows machines to acquire, process, and use knowledge to perform tasks and to unlock knowledge that can be delivered to people to improve the decision-making process. AI plays an important part in delivering knowledge in a digitized organization by elevating how the delivery of knowledge occurs to the people who need it. AI is used to scale the volume and effectiveness of knowledge distribution.

It is imperative that when AI is applied to deliver knowledge for people to make decisions – including when AI is used to make decisions without human involvement – that the knowledge is without bias and the decisions made with the knowledge are ethical.

This webinar examines how the challenges to remove bias from AI applications and the ethicality of applying AI will impact decision making with the knowledge being delivered.

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