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Knowledge Management in Practice: A KMI Presentation

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October 4, 2016

On September 21, 2016, Dr. Anthony Rhem was guest speaker at the Knowledge Management Institute’s Certified Knowledge Manager’s Class. Dr. Rhem presented – A Real-World Look at Actual Cases, Techniques, and Insights on the Practice of KM – from his recently published book “Knowledge Management in Practice”

Abstract highlights included:

  • knowledge management in practiceChapter 1 – Introduction
  • The Case for Knowledge Management (Chapter 2)
  • Being Social – KM and Social Media (Chapter 3)
  • Dude, where’s my car: Utilizing Search in KM (Chapter 4)
  • The Age of Discovery: KM in Research Institutions (Chapter 5)
  • Where have all my Experts Gone? –  KM in Human Resources and Talent Management (Chapter 6)
  • Sound the Alarm! – KM in Emergency and Disaster Preparedness (Chapter 7)
  • Happily Ever After – KM in Mergers and Acquisitions (Chapter 8)
  • Is there a Doctor in the house? – KM in Healthcare (Chapter 9)
  • Show Me the Money!  –  KM in Financial Services (Chapter 10)
  • Are You in Good Hands? –  KM in Insurance (Chapter 11)
  • Sign Right Here! – KM in the Legal Profession (Chapter 12)
  • A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste! – Knowledge Management Education (Chapter 13)
  • Big Knowledge! – Knowledge Management and Big Data (Chapter 14)
  • What have you done for the War Fighter Today? – KM in the Military (Chapter 15)
  • Drinking the KM Kool-Aid: Knowledge Management Adoption (Chapter 16)
  • Failure is Not an Option: Why KM Projects Fail (Chapter 17)

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  1. Saeed Gholami

    I read the book (KM in practice). In Chapter 4, Factor 4.4 is not an example of the classification of policy information. could You please send a clear picture.
    Thanks and best regards


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