Thinkers360 is on a mission to disrupt the proprietary thought leadership “industry”. They plan to open it up to a wider array of established and emerging academics, authors, entrepreneurs, inventors, influencers, and speakers. These are the people who are making the world a better place, and Thinkers360 want to help raise their visibility.

Using a patent-pending algorithm, Thinkers360 produces leaderboards that span all thought leader roles. They take the quantity and quality of their thought leadership content into consideration, and use those results to produce a monthly global leaderboard, The leaderboard for the top 20 global thought leaders on Big Data for December 2018 places Dr. Anthony J. Rhem of AJ Rhem & Associates in 5th position, scoring the same as Ashish Yadav and Isaac Sacolick.

Thank you, Thinkers360!